Episode 5

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21st Jan 2022

Closing Arguments - Episode 5 (Part 1: United States vs. Shipp)

In the latest installment of Closing Arguments, we're exploring a forgotten legal landmark, which outlines the only original jurisdiction criminal case that was argued before The Supreme Court.

Listen, as John takes us through the historic case of United States vs. Shipp and showcases an original example of the press' influence on a criminal trial. This case is packed with interesting variables and courtroom fireworks, so you don't want to miss this one!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy part one of our first two-part case study!


0:08 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

2:38 - John joins the show and launches into the background information on United States vs. Shipp

8:45 - The assault of Nevada Taylor

18:30 - Where Sheriff Shipp comes into play in this case

24:23 - The press' impact on this court case

33:19 - The trial of Ed Johnson and the fireworks involved in the courtroom

42:51 - Ed Johnson is convicted and sentenced to death

46:31 - This case ends up in the Supreme Court

51:00 - What is still to come in Part Two of this case study

53:30 - Closing remarks

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