Episode 6

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4th Feb 2022

Closing Arguments - Episode 6 (Part 2: United States vs. Shipp)

In the latest installment of Closing Arguments, we revisit the United States vs. Shipp case to conclude the dramatic events that unfolded during the Supreme Court's involvement.

After a quick recap of events that led to Ed Johnson being incarcerated for a crime he swore he didn't commit, Jack highlights how the Supreme Court ultimately became involved. And we'll also share how, despite their 'stay of execution' order, Ed Johnson still met his demise.

Listen as we bring this fascinating case study comes to a close!


0:06 - Introduction and equipment announcements

3:32 - Recapping the events that led to Ed Johnson being incarcerated

10:16 - Ed Johnson's legal team taking matters into their own hands

25:05 - A stay of execution was granted for Ed Johnson

33:20 - Justice Harlan enters scene, which was a win for Ed Johnson and his legal team

36:01 - The lynching of Ed Johnson at the hand of a mob

44:26 - Given the lynching, the Supreme Court charges many with contempt of the court

54:00 - Sheriff Shipp returns to Chattanooga and receives a hero's welcome

57:30 - Final thoughts and takeaways from this forgotten legal landmark

1:03:11 - Closing remarks

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