Episode 4

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14th Dec 2021

Closing Arguments - Episode 4 (The Law of Self Defense)

In the latest installment of Closing Arguments, John and Ryan explore the law of self defense, which continues to be one of the most controversial topics among criminal law to date.

Listen as John shares a complete breakdown on the law of self defense and how it varies across different states. Additionally, John explores how self defense is contested in the courtroom and how the media's coverage of this law has evolved over the years through some key case studies.

With self defense being one of the most popular criminal law topics these days, this is an episode packed with beneficial information! Enjoy!


0:06 - Overview on the topic of the day

2:10 - An update on Razumich & Associates

3:09 - A broad overview on the law of self defense and how it appears in criminal law today

5:28 - What affirmative defenses are generally

7:47 - How someone can make a claim for self defense

15:12 - What self defense looks like within a trial

18:41 - How the burden shifts of proving self defense in trial

22:41 - Testifying on your own behalf during a self defense claim

25:58 - The limitations that exist within self defense claims

30:30 - The jury's involvement during a self defense claim trial

34:02 - John's viewpoint on self defense and whether it always works or not

45:20 - Case studies that are specific to self defense

54:20 - How you can get in touch with John and his team

56:09 - Closing remarks

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