Episode 3

Published on:

25th Oct 2021

Closing Arguments - Episode 3 (What Happens After a Conviction?)

A conviction has been reached in court, but what happens next?

In the latest installment of Closing Arguments, John and Ryan explore this question and the various strategies at a defendant's disposal to continue the fight. Within this conversation, they explore three key themes that can take place following convictions: The Appeal Process, Post Conviction Relief, and Sentence Modification.

Each of these avenues contains its own complexities, but each can be a viable solution for someone convicted in court if they meet particular standards.

Just when you think it's over, it may not be!


0:06 - Welcome to the show and overview on the topic

2:34 - Walkthrough on the appeal process and how someone can start it

7:26 - How a case can get to the Supreme Court level

12:51 - What happens when an appeal is successful

17:10 - Overview on post conviction relief and where it enters the picture

20:27 - How many times can PCR be filed in a given case?

25:25 - What happens when PCR is successful for a defendant

28:48 - Everything that goes into sentence modification

40:10 - Which process that John finds to be the most successful

46:31 - How you can get in touch with Razumich & Associates

48:33 - Closing remarks

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