Episode 2

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20th Aug 2021

Closing Arguments - Episode 2 (The Miranda Warnings)

In the second installment of Closing Arguments, John and Ryan explore the various facets of the Miranda Warnings, as well as how they have impacted a police officer's interact with civilians overall.

Listen as John outlines the monumental court ruling in Miranda vs. Arizona and why the Supreme Court's decision was handed down. Despite their decision receiving some backlash or fallout, their ruling remains intact today and it's something most people are familiar with.

Additionally, John outlines how this ruling has altered police interactions altogether. We'll explore the various situations in which the Miranda Warnings are required and how you should interact with a police officer based on various circumstances.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy another insightful conversation surrounding concept you thought you knew!


0:08 - Welcome to the show and overview on the topic of the day

2:30 - Overview on the Miranda Warnings

4:33 - The birth of the Miranda Warnings and the monumental court case of Miranda vs. Arizona

8:14 - How this case unfolded at the Supreme Court level

10:40 - The fallout of the Supreme Court's ruling and what it meant for criminal law moving forward

15:00 - Legal developments that came after the Supreme Court's ruling

25:00 - Whatever happened to Ernesto Miranda after the court ruling?

27:49 - The involuntary and voluntary interactions with police

30:00 - Overview on the custodial interrogation process

35:20 - The questions you should ask yourself when interacting with the police

44:20 - Don't break the law

49:00 - Closing remarks

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