Episode 11

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5th Aug 2022

Closing Arguments - Episode 11 (What You Need to Know About Juries)

For most people, they're aware of the role a jury plays within a criminal court case. This is likely due to their favorite crime or courtroom drama! However, there's actually a lot of background information that's important for courts to consider when going through jury selection, as well as the power a jury holds within a given case.

On the latest installment of Closing Arguments, we're exploring the various items you should know about juries throughout Indiana, as well as the country as a whole.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:27 - Jack's team has been busy in courtrooms lately

2:15 - Where juries ultimately come from

5:00 - Early English juries and what those looked like

9:10 - The Magna Carta and its role on the modern jury system

13:13 - A Constitutional Right to a jury

17:30 - The various types of juries that exist today

25:00 - What is a Coroner's Jury?

28:12 - Civil vs. Criminal juries in Indiana

35:00 - How are juries selected in Indiana?

38:20 - Compensation for jurors

41:24 - The power of a jury

49:20 - What potential jurors need to know!

55:00 - Closing remarks

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