Episode 10

Published on:

6th Jun 2022

Closing Arguments - Episode 10 (Affirmative Defenses in Indiana)

Affirmative defenses and everything in between! That's what we're tackling on the latest installment of Closing Arguments.

Join us for another enlightening conversation, where John Razumich shares his personal experiences with the various affirmative defenses in Indiana and the fundamental differences between them.

We've got another great episode on tap for you. Enjoy!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:35 - What is an affirmative defense?

5:50 - There are ten total affirmative defenses in Indiana

8:17 - The affirmative defense of Legal Authority

11:25 - Self-defense and how this plays out in court

15:00 - The affirmative defense of involuntary intoxication

20:30 - Insanity defenses

26:45 - Mistake of fact

37:21 - Abandonment and how this plays out

40:40 - Battered spouse syndrome

45:25 - The affirmative defense of necessity

50:30 - How you can get in touch with Razumich & Associates

52:40 - Closing remarks

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