Episode 12

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2nd Sep 2022

Closing Arguments - Episode 12 (The Insanity Defense)

In the season finale of Closing Arguments, we’re diving into one of the most controversial topics within a courtroom: The Insanity Defense. 

You’ve seen this defense play out within TV and movies, but how does it really work in the real world? We'll explore every avenue of this affirmative defense, including John's very own experiences with defending a client using the insanity defense!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy an exciting season finale!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the show

4:09 - When the insanity defense was first recorded within criminal law

7:50 - These cases were primarily surrounding life or death instances

12:30 - Where the rules around an insanity defense case stemmed from

16:00 - Temporary insanity and how this plays out in a courtroom

22:58 - The shifting of burden within an insanity defense

27:42 - The current state of insanity pleas within American law today

35:14 - When someone should plead insanity within a case

38:55 - Who determines insanity?

45:45 - The ripple effect of an acquittal when using an insanity defense

48:20 - When can someone be declared sane later in life

53:50 - How you can get in touch with Jack's team

55:40 - Closing remarks

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