Episode 9

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6th May 2022

Closing Arguments - Episode 9 (Legal Myths That Need to Die)

There are too many legal myths out there, confusing us when it comes to criminal law and its proceedings!

On the latest installment of Closing Arguments, we're exploring a variety of different legal myths and setting the record straight once and for all! Listen as John reviews our audience's feedback on the biggest police-related myths, as well as courtroom myths that many believe to be true.

This episode is bound to leave you with some clarification on legalities you may have wrongfully thought to be true!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:45 - Receiving legal myths from our audience to review on today's show

2:38 - Do the police have to read me my rights before speaking to me?

5:04 - Do police have to tell me if they are working undercover?

6:50 - Do police have to be honest with me?

10:12 - Do I have to stop and talk to the police?

14:00 - Do I have to consent to a police search?

18:35 - Do I have to get out of the car when I'm told to?

22:31 - Do I have the right to one free phone call when incarcerated?

26:14 - Are you entitled to three plea offers?

28:54 - Are you entitled to three continuances?

32:19 - Do warrants eventually go away?

36:18 - Can alleged victims drop charges?

40:11 - Is it going to cost the state a lot of money to take my case to trial?

43:10 - Are public defenders working for the state and not me?

46:56 - Does hiring an attorney make you look guilty?

52:20 - Closing remarks

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